We focus on three operational core values


Minimal Disruptions
We work with your schedule. Your comfort and those of your tenants.

Save You Money
We work hard to ensure that we meet your budget by reducing unnecessary costs.

We Reduce Maintenance Costs
Our crews are professionally trained to deliver long-lasting, quality results and we take pride in doing the job right the first time. Our better quality work reduces maintenance costs and extends the “useful life” of structures.

That’s how we do it. Focusing on these three core operational values empowers us to fine-tune our customer satisfaction, ensuring that we consistently provide TOP-QUALITY service that is unrivaled.

Founded in 1995, Octopus Painting has gained a trusted reputation for producing some of the best quality workmanship in the residential and commercial painting industry. We expanded our services to include a Waterproofing Division in response to filling a need in the construction industry. Octopus prides itself on using the most innovative techniques that rely on best practices and industry standards to provide durable, long-lasting results.